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Our Story

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Journey’s Intent is the result of the coming together of two friends with a shared passion to create unique journeys for friends and guests to their favourite hidden corners of Africa and beyond. It is the culmination of over 40 years combined experience with a dream of getting their guests out of vehicles, close to nature, leaving them with long lasting memories which are often life changing moments.


Life is all about balance in nature and within yourself. The challenge is how to find and maintain it!


Our Values

Guiding focus – We know that expert local guides on the ground offer a far richer experience and an opportunity to really get under the skin of a destination. We hand select only the very best people to work with ensuring your experience is personal, professional and enriching.


Unique Access – We like to do things differently, seeking to get you off the beaten track, away from the crowds and into exclusive corners of the natural world. It is our mission and we believe what sets us apart from other companies.


Ethics –We believe in looking after our planet and the need to have an environmental and social conscience as responsible travellers. We don’t work with any wildlife experiences which involve animal interactions and we ensure all of the properties we work with have the lightest environmental impact possible.


Conservation and Community – are key to what we believe in at Journey’s Intent. Having trained anti-poaching National Parks rangers for many years, the Journey’s Intent vision is to provide income and investment back into the areas where it is proven to work and where it matters. For example in Africa we work closely with the Frankfurt Zoological Society and Rhino rangers who demonstrated that by consistent and considered work, results can be achieved. They have increased Black Rhino populations in the Serengeti from fewer than 2,300 in 1993 to 4,200 individuals today. With our partner Wayo Africa, we organise an annual charity walk for Rhino Conservation.



“no one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”.


Sir David Attenborough

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The Team