The Masai Mara is synonymous with Safari and is famed for its world renowned wildlife viewing where you can experience the mighty herds of wildebeest and zebra of the Great Migration. Kenya’s parks and reserves are ranked amongst the very best in the world and culturally Kenya is the most diverse in Africa with over 40 different tribes living within its borders and there are 68 different languages spoken. We strive to take you away from the crowds and immerse you within the destination. In Kenya you can do this by journeying to the north of the country. Here you can experience Kenya’s endemic special 5 that include the Grevy ‘s zebra, long-necked gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, beisa oryx and the Somali ostrich. These rugged northern uplands have become leading examples in the fight for conservation. Laikipia for example has one of the fastest growing and most diverse wildlife populations in East Africa and it is one of the best places to see wild dog and black rhino anywhere in Africa.

Experience the thrill of tracking on foot some of the last remaining black rhino in Sera Community conservancy.With stunning views and breath taking endemic flora and fauna try your hand at fly fishing on the slopes of Mount Kenya, the lesser known sister peak to Mount Kilimanjaro
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