Jean on the trail

Jean is just back from the most amazing 18-day safari with Tom Davis and friends.


Tom, a friend from Oxford Mississippi got a small group together, they chartered their own plane and flew off in to the wilds.

This safari first went to Rwanda where they had two hike to view the Mountain Gorillas. From there to Mahale Mountains a small National Park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Mahale is well known for the Chimpanzees and rather one of the best place to spend time with them.

Sadly they were all up to monkey business and we didn’t see much of them. They were feeding high up in the mountains. However, we had an amazing time on the beach of Greystoke Camp and doing a variety of short hikes in the parks.


From Mahale we had our private place and pilot fly us to the Ngorongoro Crater where we stayed in the fancy Ngorongoro Crater Lodge. We had one of the most incredible days on the Crater floor. Quite often you hear of the Crater floor being crowded with vehicles and no animals! Not this day, we had lions all day long, playing in the water, walking right in-front of the vehicles and giving us the best show ever! Besides lions every animal made an appearance on this day drive. To then go up to Crater lodge was the cherry on the cake!

The last few days were spend in the Serengeti National Park in our own Serengeti Green Camp. Here the annual migration put on a show never to forget. We found tens of thousands of Wildebeests and Zebra between Naabi hill and Seronera and enjoy a few days between the herds and with all the activity that brings.

Check out this video about this safari!