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Uganda safari




There are many types of Uganda safari tours. You can go trekking with the gorillas, go on a game drive safari and visit wild animals, go on a fly-in safari and so much more. There are also many other activities that you can enjoy while on your Uganda safari. The opportunities are endless. This article will speak about the different types of Uganda safari activities in 7 minutes of reading time.


Uganda safari activities:


There are various types of activities that you can enjoy while on your Uganda safari tour. You can choose to include this in your already existing Uganda safari tour itinerary or you can enjoy them as their tours, depending on the length of the tour. Some activities are meant for an add-on as they are only a few hours whereas other tours are a few days in length.
Here are a few different types of Uganda safari activities:


Kampala Walking Tour by ImmersionUG



With this tour, you will be able to get an awesome perspective of Kampala, which is the capital city of Uganda. It is also Uganda’s largest city. You will be guided by a local tour guide to give you the best insight into the city. You will enjoy a combination of attractions such as the Nakasero Market, Kampala Hindu Temple and the iconic Taxi Park.



The group allowed on this tour is small to allow for a personalized experience. As you are traveling on foot you will get to see much more than what you would have if you were just driving. You will gain a great overview of Kampala in only three hours.



Lake Victoria Island Cycling Tour from Kampala by Red Dirt Uganda



Enjoy a cycle on the off-road only 30 minutes away from Kampala away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. You will cycle for 20 minutes off the beaten path. You will cycle at a comfortable pace to take in the beautiful paths so it is suitable for those that are not so fit as well.
You can stop to enjoy a drink on the sandy white beach overlooking Lake Victoria. You can also enjoy a ferry ride that takes you across Lake Victoria. This is a lovely and unique Uganda Safari activity.


You can expect the following: you will gather at Ggaba Beach House gardens at 8 am. Then catch a 30 minutes boat ride that crosses Lake Victoria. From there you will start the ride which takes between 2-3 hours. You will enjoy a stop at a local Ugandan trading centre for some snacks. Just before the end of the tour, you will enjoy a drink at the Lake’s beautiful beaches. From there you will meet back at the boat to catch the ride back to Ggaba Beach House.


Day tour of Jinja and Source of the Nile by All Seasons Adventure Uganda



This is a full-day tour of Jinja which is a town in the Southern part of Uganda on the shore of Lake Victoria. This tour allows you to get close to nature as you will go on a lovely forest walk as well as a boat ride on Lake Victoria. The boat ride will take you to view the world’s longest river, the source of the Nile.



1 Day Shoebill birding tour at the Mabamba Swamp by On Holiday Safaris



This awesome one day trip will take you through the Mabamba swamp on a canoe in search of the Shoebill bird. You will start your tour very early in the morning. The guide will pick you up at your designated hotel, he will then take you the Mabamba swamp where your tour will begin.
The shoebill is a large stork-like bird. Its bill is in the shape of a shoe, which is where its name is derived from. It only lives in East Africa. The Shoebill bird is known to be one of the five most desirable birds in Africa.



1 Day Kampala City Tour by Peak Cruise Safaris



This one-day city tour takes you to the historical, religious and cultural sites of Kampala city. You will also meet with everyday Ugandans while they go about with their daily errands. The city is built on twenty-seven hills but was originally built on seven hills just like Rome.
You will visit the Original seven hills of Kampala: Makerere hill – where Makerere University is located, Kololo Hill – the colonial administrative hill, Rubaga Hill – the home to Catholic church Cathedral, Namirembe Hill – home to Anglican church Cathedral; Mengo Hill – Kabaka’s administration center, Mbuya Hill- location of the biggest army barracks and Kibuli Hill- the Islam center.



Cooking class for typical Ugandan food by Free Guided Walking Tours Kampala



This cooking class will teach you how to prepare typical Ugandan dishes. It is a fun activity as you will cook and eat together as a group, and is a great bonding experience. You can expect to walk away with a piece of greater knowledge on Ugandan culture and cuisine, and you will know how to prepare several Vegetarian Ugandan dishes.



Full-Day Whitewater Rafting by Nalubale Rafting



This fun-filled whitewater rafting trip is an awesome activity for adventurous travelers. Your trip cost will include one-night accommodation at either the Tea-house or the Nile River Camp as well as breakfast, lunch, drinks, snacks and free photos. You driver will pick you up in Kampala and take you to your accommodation.
The actual whitewater rafting is around 3-4 hours. It is a 19 kilometer journey down the Nile River. You will get to raft down a part of the world’s longest river.



The starting point of the rafting is a couple of km’s downstream of the Bujagali Dam. You will start with easy whitewater rafting and then build up your skill and courage before tackling the major rapids.





Entebbe Walking Tour with Zoo and Botanical Garden Options by ImmersionUG


This is an awesome 3-hour walking tour of the city Entebbe. Entebbe is a town on the peninsula of Lake Victoria. The walk is a very relaxed and laid back walk to give you time to take in all of the sights. You will meet up with the guide and other travelers and then start your journey. This is a great way of meeting new people as well.


The tour will show you the colonial history of the town, monuments, markets and you will also have the chance to do some craft shopping.


Learn about the unique conservation efforts happening in the town, and get a chance to take in the aromas of tasty street food plus market herbs and spices. You will end off your tour with a relaxing rest at the magnificently preserved botanical gardens or you may choose to visit the beautiful public beaches along Lake Victoria.


1 Day Jinja Tour Experience by Kampala City Trekkers


This is a full-day tour of Jinja. You will learn about the Agriculture, Industrialization, thick vegetation and the source of the Nile River. It is the full package experience.
Do not miss out on this interesting, jam-packed tour of the town.


3 days Murchison falls Uganda safari by Simba Africa Expeditions Day Tours


This is a 3 day Uganda safari tour. You will enjoy a full three-day tour of Murchison Falls National Park, where the Victoria Nile River surges through a narrow gap over a massive drop. Murchison Falls is in Northwest Uganda. The park has 75 different species of mammals and 420 different species of birds. It offers a variety of different activities.


Ecological Hacking at Namanve Forest Reserve by GreenGo Horse Farm


GreenGo horse farm offers awesome horse-back riding experiences. You will be briefed beforehand and you will be guided on how to ride a horse if you are a beginner.
Included in this experience is ecological hacking at Namanve Forest and a horseback ride. Each traveler gets their own horse. The tour lasts between one and four hours. You will visit the GreenGo horse farms, Namanve Forest Reserve, a local village as well as other attractions around the area.


Ziwa Rhino sanctuary Safari by Inspire African Safaris


You will enjoy a visit to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary where you will get to view orphaned and rescued rhinos. It is an opportunity to be up close and personal with one of the Big Five. Rhinos are extremely rare and they need to be protected, which is why this organization needs to be supported by tourists to help the rhino population.


Uganda: 10-Day mid-range Wildlife, Big-Five, Gorilla Safari by Immersion UG


Enjoy the trip of a lifetime on this 10-day experience of Uganda’s top wildlife destinations. You will visit the Big Five game in Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls, track Gorillas in the misty ranges of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and trail rare primates in Kibale Forest.

Behold the wonder of the big five game in Uganda’s main national parks and enjoy the exhilaration of coming face to face with the magnificent Silver-back Mountain Gorilla. Unwind with some relaxing activities like a boat trip on the Nile, Kazinga Channel and Lake Bunyonyi.

This trip will also explore the vibrant cities of Kampala or Entebbe on your arrival on a walking tour with a local guide. Enjoy comfortable travel by robust but comfortable, air-conditioned 4X4 Safari Toyota Landcruisers, and stay in decent and comfortable 3-star lodges.






Uganda safari gorilla trek with Journeys Intent


An Uganda safari gorilla trek is the most popular activity that you can do in Uganda. It is one of the most exciting experiences and it allows you to view mountain gorillas in their natural habitat from up close.
Journeys Intent offers an awesome three-day Uganda safari experience. On the first day, you will be picked up from the airport by one of our friendly guides. You will then catch a small flight to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The park is ideally situated in the south-west of Uganda and encompasses many regions including Kabale, Rukungiri and Kisoro.


On the second day, you will enjoy an early breakfast and after that, your guide will take you the Uganda Wildlife Authority Park headquarters where you will meet your gorilla guides, park rangers as well as your fellow gorilla trekkers. You will be given a safety briefing at the headquarters and then you will hike to your designated gorilla group. Depending on the current location of your assigned gorilla family, the hike may be a short 1-hour hike or may stretch to over 6-hours long.

On the third day, you will get to visit the gorilla families again. This is rare, as most three-day safaris only include one day of gorilla trekking. After your gorilla trek, you can spend the remainder of the day relaxing. Your driver will then take you to the airstrip so that you can catch your small aircraft flight back, the other driver will pick you up after your flight and take you back to Entebbe International Airport so that you can catch your flight home.


3 Days Lake Mburo National Park by Kigere Tours


Lake Mburo National Park is a gem that is located close to the highway that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda. It is the smallest of Uganda’s savannah national parks. It is underlain by ancient Precambrian metamorphic rocks that date back up to 500 million years ago.


It is home to 350 bird species as well as zebra, impala, elands, buffaloes, waterbuck, hippo, elephants and many more.

This 3 day Uganda safari tour is a wonderful way to get to see some of Uganda’s most beautiful sights.


Sunset and Sunrise Walk by Discover Sipi


Enjoy a sunrise and sunset walk with views of the Sipi falls, the walls of death and the African sunrise across the Karamoja plains.


Kapkwai Exploration Center at Kapkwai, which is 13km from Sipi town, doubles as an educational center for schools and the trailhead for climbers and nature walkers using the Sipi trail to the caldera. Three circuits that are between 3-7 km run through the surrounding regenerating forest, where visitors can visit caves, waterfalls, escarpments and viewpoints; and observe birds and primates.
Several bird species live here including Hartlaub’s Turaco, Eastern Bronze-napped Pigeon, Lemon Dove, Dusky-Turtle Dove, African Hill Babbler, Alpine Chat, Black-throated Wattle-eye, Mountain Yellow Warbler, Thick-billed Honeyguide and Grey Cuckoo-Shrike.