Bwindi Community Hospital & Nursing School – Uganda

Available and well trained medical staff is hard to come by and a perpetual problem in remote villages in Africa. Since the inception of the Bwindi Community Hospital, 10 years ago, it has grown from a small operation under a tree to a proper 112-bed clinic that offers health care to over 40,000 patients annually.

With our partners on the ground we endeavour, through our guests, to help the project through tuition sponsorship for future nurses. The tuition fees of $750-00 is often impossible for local students to pay and we believe through our involvement and support to our partner in Uganda, we help ensuring proper trained and certified nursing staff is available on a continuous basis. To date 100% of the nursing students that were sponsored passed their National exams last year and over a 100,000 people were served at the Community Hospital to date.

This project can be visited during your stay at one of the lodges or camps next to Bwindi Impenetrable forest.