Maasai Mara Conservation Program – Kenya

It is important that philanthropic involvement helps communities plan their own development and enterprise priorities. So we believe that collaboration with local communities is crucial and with our partner on the ground we try and help this process along through donations from our guests. The projects for the local Maasai communities around the Maasai Mara includes building classrooms, sponsoring student school fees, developing micro-enterprise initiatives fir women groups, encouraging early literacy and introducing local Maasai children to their natural heritage through field visits to the Mara.

Successes of this project to date has been denominal, 9 schools are using e-readers as part of the early literacy program. 400 Students receive lunch at school on a daily basis. 230 girls now have access to toilets and showers, 375 students have experienced Rhino watch trips and 20 women are involved in a Microfinance group.


If you would like to be involved with one of these projects through donation, please do let us know and we can plan a scheduled visit as part of your safari.