Tanzania safari packages


A Tanzania safari will land you in one of the most beautiful countries on earth while seeing and experiencing some of the most incredible sights, cultures and wildlife that Africa has to offer. Planning a safari, however, can be a daunting and stressful task so we’ve compiled valuable information on Tanzania safari packages that will help you plan this unique experience.



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What is a Tanzania safari?


Tanzania is a unique masterpiece of a country located in east Africa which neighbours Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique and more. The coastline of Tanzania is home to picturesque islands and cultures that overlook the serene shores of the Indian ocean. One of the most famous islands of Tanzania is Zanzibar which is bustling with culture, restaurants, street vendors and friendly people.


Tanzania is truly a unique country in all that it has to offer, filled with beautiful coasts, majestic wildlife, bubbling culture and charming archaeological wonders that all culminate to create this incredible country. Tanzania is also home to Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro which towers over the lush vegetation and wildlife below.


Another significant attraction in Tanzania is the Great Migration which sees people travelling across the country to witness one of the most monumental natural wonders of our time. The Great Migration is an annual migration of nearly two million wildebeest who migrate across the plains of the Serengeti in search of fresh water and fresh grazing grounds. The wildebeest are accompanied by thousands of zebra and gazelle and face gruesome battles with lions, crocodiles and the harsh rushing waters of the rivers that they cross.


A Tanzania safari will see you travelling across the plains of the Serengeti experiencing the wildlife, the culture and the beautiful scenery all while being guided and educated by professionals who are passionate about showcasing the beauty that Tanzania has to offer.


Tanzania safari packages itineraries and activities


Tanzania, being the rich and bountiful country that it is, is also full of various unique activities and sights that you will have the opportunity to see. If your primary goal is to experience nature and wildlife, then you can do game safaris whereby you can see the many animals that Tanzania has to offer. If you want a more laid back experience then you can visit the serene coastal towns of Tanzania and can become fully immersed in the radiant culture and beautiful people.


If you choose to do a safari in Tanzania, you will have the opportunity to see Africa’s big five and potentially even the incredibly rare black rhino which is primarily located in the Ngorongoro Crater. You could see buffalo, lion, elephant, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, hippo, white rhino, black rhino, cheetah, hyena and even leopard.





Tanzania safari packages may also give you the opportunity to see any of the 1100 bird species in Tanzania, making it one of the largest bird species lists in Africa. Birds you could see while on a Tanzanian safari include the ashy starling, the black crake, Fischer’s lovebird, Hartlaub’s turaco, red-and-yellow barbet, Iringa akalat and many many more, making it the perfect safari destination for avid bird watchers.


Tanzania offers you a range of activities and differing safari packages including regular game safaris, boating safaris, walking or hiking safaris and also hot air balloon safaris. While in Tanzania you can also choose to sleep under the African stars which is a magnificent and rare experience whereby your camp and guides will set up the perfect and cosiest spot for the night where you can sleep in rustic fly-camping arrangements or even luxury tree house decks.


Tanzania safari packages may also give you the option to visit the notorious hot springs which are a lesser known wonder of Tanzania. In the Selous and Ruaha areas there are natural hot springs that have formed which are naturally heated by the earths surface below and because they are not that well known, visiting one of these hot springs will definitely be a peaceful, serene and idyllic experience that will relax you after a long day of safari adventuring.



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Some Tanzania safari packages may include boating safaris which is a unique and novel way to view and experience all that Tanzania has to offer. The Selous area offers boating tours through the meandering lagoons and waterways where you could sit back and relax with a glass of wine on a small cosy boat while keeping an eye out for basking crocodiles and curious grunting hippos. The waterways are only closed in April and May so you can go any other time of the year to experience the beautiful river-banks.


Another unique safari option in Tanzania is a hot air balloon safari. A hot air balloon safari is often included in some Tanzania safari packages and offers you the chance to get a memorable birds-eye view of the beautiful country below you. You soar high above the plains of the Serengeti and observe the many creatures below you going about their daily migrating and foraging.



A hot air balloon safari will usually cost around $550 per person depending on where you go, and you will be accompanied the entire time by a pilot who will control the balloon. The pilot will be able to show you special spots filled with wildlife and will be able to take you closer to the ground for a great view while still maintaining a safe distance, making it the perfect photo opportunity also.



Some Tanzania safari packages may include short walking safaris as part of your itinerary, and this is truly an incredible experience whereby you get to walk the path of the animals on foot and get to track and observe them. Walking safaris are usually only a few hours or only one day and you will be accompanied by two armed guides who will protect you and educate you at the same time. Removing the barrier between you and the surrounding wildlife will be sure to get your adrenaline pumping and will offer you a raw and authentic feel of the African landscape.



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Tanzania safari packages through Journey’s Intent


Journey’s Intent is a luxury safari company which specialises in offering people the chance to reconnect with Mother Earth in a sustainable and respectful manner. The hustle and bustle of the corporate environment often makes people forget about the natural environment and we become disconnected from nature and the wildlife that our planet has to offer. The team at Journey’s Intent will enable you to escape into nature while preserving the environment and uplifting the local communities in a respectful and sustainable way.


Journey’s Intent offers you customizable Tanzania safari packages and expeditions that aim to include the various incredible activities and wonders that Tanzania has to offer. The most Tanzania safari packages are the ‘Tanzania Northern circuit active safari’ and the ‘Northern Tanzania adventurer’.


Tanzania safari packages: ‘Tanzania Northern circuit active safari’


This active circuit safari is a 15-day experience whereby you get to fully explore the Tanzanian bush and all that it has to offer. You get to see the Ngorongoro crater as well as the plains of the Serengeti which offers you a full and exclusive safari that is sustainable and ethical. The specific properties that we have chosen are intimate and have green and light footprints, while offering you a luxury experience at a reasonable cost.


Day 1: Arusha


You will arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport where you will be met by a Journey’s Intent representative and will transferred to transfer to Rivertrees Country Inn in Arusha.


Day 2: Arusha


After a delicious local breakfast, you will be driven to the Arusha National Park for a game drive where the day’s activities will include sightseeing, a walk and an idyllic picnic lunch followed by a serene night at the Rivertrees Country Inn.


Day 3: Tarangire National Park


You will have an early morning transfer to Arusha Airport where you will fly at 08:00 am to Kuro airstrip in Tarangire National Park. You will be met by your s=resident guide who will drive you to the Swala Camp where you will stay for the next two nights.


Day 4: Tarangire National Park


Early morning escorted safari walk or game drive in the park and then you will have a choice of activities for the day which you will arrange the evening before with your resident safari guide.


Day 5: Ngorongoro Crater


After breakfast you fly from Kuro Airstrip at 11:20 am, to Lake Manyara Airstrip. Here you will be met by your Journey’s Intent private guide and vehicle. After your luggage has been loaded onto the safari vehicle, your safari guide will drive you to Ngorongoro Crater for a lunchtime arrival. You will then be spending two nights in the camp on the crater rim forest.



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Tanzania safari packages: ‘Northern Tanzania Adventurer’


tanzania-safari-packages-lioness in treeThis safari gives you the perfect mix of rustic fly camping and luxury east African living. This safari option is also preferred by many because it prioritises environmental sustainability and leaves a lighter ecological footprint while adhering to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro environmental impact policies. This safari will see you visiting the serene Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, the Ngorongoro crater and the central Serengeti.


Day 1: Arusha


On day one you will arrive into Kilimanjaro International Airport where you will meet and greet your guide from Journey’s Intent who will drive you to the beautiful Katambuga House where you will spend the night.


Day 2: Tarangire National Park


After breakfast you will be collected by your Journey’s Intent guide and will be driven to the Tarangire National Park. You will have game drives on the way to the camp as you enter the park and will then spend a night in Tarangire Safari Lodge.


Day 3: Tarangire National Park


Game view all day and overnight in Tarangire Safari Lodge.


Day 4: Lake Manyara National Park


You will be transferred to Manyara National Park and will have a game drive through the park, and will arrive at the Manyara Green Camp for overnight.


Day 5: Lake Manyara National Park


Take a lakeshore walk in the morning with a qualified and armed guide. For the rest of the day you can either decide to go on more game drives or relax in camp. Overnight in Manyara Green Camp.


Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater


After breakfast you will depart for an early transfer to Ngorongoro Crater Conservation area for a crater floor game drive. You will have lunch on the crater floor followed by a game drive and then a night in Sanctuary Crater Camp.





Day 7: Ngorongoro Crater


After breakfast you will depart for an early transfer to Ngorongoro Crater Conservation area for a crater floor game drive. After lunch on the crater floor you will have a game drive on the crater and a night in Sanctuary Crater Camp.


Day 8: Central Serengeti


Hike out of camp in the morning. A vehicle will collect you and transfer you into the Serengeti and overnight in Wayo Banagi Green Camp.